API functions

We provide a series of APIs for our users to access. This page outlines the available data, if you need something not on this list please reach out to hello@mappedby.com

Available to all users:

Available to whitelisted users (An additional data sharing agreement must first be signed to be whitelisted, please contact hello@mappedby.com to request access):

  • /api/v2/parcel Parcel data, terrain details such as elevation, and the type of terrain (wetland, wooded areas, grasslands etc) and tax roll data (when available)

  • /api/v2/crime Crime incidents in a given area

  • /api/v2/floodplain Boundaries of nearby floodplains

  • /api/v2/food Restaurants, grocery stores and other quick serve food providers

  • /api/v2/news Past and present news for a given area

  • /api/v2/air Historical and live air quality data for a given area

  • /api/v2/sun Sun light tracking data for any date back to the year 1901 and up to 100 years in the future, taking into consideration the terrain, nearby buildings, and time of year

  • /api/v2/water Provides access to information about lake health and a listing of any nearby waterbodies

  • /api/v2/wildlife Outlines details about nearby plans and animals

  • /api/v2/transit Details of nearby transit systems, traffic, charging stations and maintenance facilities (both public and private)

  • /api/v2/politics Details regarding public representation

All API's are available to the public but are rate limited to 1 request per hour for non-paying users.

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